The 90s Trend – 7 Beaded Accessories You Can Make and Wear in 2021

by Search Berg

Imagine if you saw someone wearing a beaded necklace three years back, the first thought you'd have—how old school!

But it all changed when you saw your favorite celebrities flaunting these accessories on their Instagram feed. Every once in a while, the fashion trends adopt something from the past. For instance, going back to the 90's mom jeans in 2020.

For 2021, it's the beaded accessories that we've brought back. Quite frankly, we're simply loving them! And no, it doesn't end with wearing beaded necklaces only. We've made a list of other exciting accessories you can make with it.Petite Pastel Rings

You can style your own rings, a perfect combination of minimal and trendy.

Pro tip: We recommend you make it with your best friends and reminisce your childhood, and then style it together with matching outfits!


These can add an alluring glimmer to your outfits. You can create a mix and match with these. If you're making personalized earrings, don't forget to add some miniatures in between the beads.

If you've got many piercings, then add the hook accordingly to maintain your own unique style.

A Pearly Choker

A choker with pearl detailing can add a sophisticated yet fun and chic look.

We're sure while making your own jewelry set, you'll feel you've time-traveled back into your childhood. Yeah, it can be pretty nostalgic and remind you of the time you made friendship bracelets as a kid.

Double-Layered Necklace

It's eye-catching and trendy! After all this time of staying at home, in our PJs, let's go fancy with over-accessorizing and over-dressing! Make a beaded necklace and add a prominent pearl or pendant to the second layer.

You can even style it with your casual sweatpants to look chic.

Stack Those Bracelets

Mix and match different color bracelets and stack them on your wrist. It will add a trendy look to your style statement.

Beaded Hair ties

These are perfect for giving you beachy vibes or reminding you of your carefree summer camp days. You can make your hair ties look hippie by adding cute miniatures.

Lanyards for the Glasses

This is a super-fun idea that you wouldn't want to miss out on. Think there's not much you can change with styling your glasses other than getting a new frame? We've something exciting for you!

Style your glasses or sunshades with lanyards. You can easily pair them up with plain tees. Casual yet trendy—that's the note we're ending 2021 on!