Fun Crafts You Can Make with Polymer Clay

by Search Berg

Individuals of all ages can make cool sculptures from polymer clay as it doesn’t require a professional baking kiln.

Whether large or small, simple or elaborate, the possibilities of making polymer objects are endless. Follow easy ideas, to begin with, that don't require much effort but look compelling when displayed.

Make unique decorative household pieces and jewelry from polymer clay to gift your loved ones.Fill up those empty corners of your living room with clay pots and flower vases. Buy craft supplies online to create unique clay objects.


In recent years, jewelry trends have changed drastically. Women like wearing all kinds of jewelry as long as it’s unique and attractive. If made with trendy designs, polymer jewelry is fun to make.

You can customize the colors and designs of the jewelry according to different themes. Botanical and marble designs and abstract art are a few of the most commonly chosen themes.

Christmas Ornaments

Step up your decorative ornaments this Christmas. Shiny golden leaves, for example, will surely enhance the look of your Christmas tree. Use a cookie cutter for the desired shape and color it as you will.

Clay stays soft for a long period which is why you can create as many things from it as you want without the fear of it drying out. Shape it into small beads and candies. Before baking, finish it off with a polish or paint.

Snowflakes, stars, and hearts are other common ornaments that you can make from polymer clay and put on your Christmas tree.

Polymer Clay Box

Want a creative idea to give small gifts to your loved ones? Customize a gift box of your own using polymer clay. You can also use this box to clear away small pieces of jewelry and keys from your dresser.

Making a clay box is tricky but it looks trendy once completed. You must focus on pressing the edges to prevent them from loosening up and falling apart. Use high-quality polymer clay glue to secure the piece.