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Pony Beads Bulk

9mm Pony Beads Bulk 1,000 Pieces packages. Pony beads are a great inexpensive product for making bracelets, key chains, jewelry and all kids arts and crafts projects. They are often used for hair braiding and can be used as hair beads. We specialize is selling pony beads bulk in packages and provide wholesale pricing. The 9mm pony beads we sell are barrel shaped beads which are 6x9mm and the hole size is 4mm. The large hole makes them easy to use for kids beading projects. What are pony beads made of? They are made of plastic. These types of beads can be strung onto many types of cording and string including elastic stretch cord, stretch magic cord, hemp cord, leather, suede, flexible beading wire, and monofilament. Most people are looking for pony beads black. They come in both transparent colors and opaque colors (Solid colors). Pony beads are great for group projects, summer camps, VBS, party activities, fundraisers, events and special occasions.