1mm Glitter Gold Stretch Magic Bead & Jewelry Cord 16 Feet

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1mm Glitter Gold Stretch Magic Bead & Jewelry Cord 16 Feet/ 5 Meters. Stretch Magic cord Bead & Jewelry Cord 100 meters Made by Pepperell Braiding At cheap wholesale pricing & free shipping! The worlds best selling stretchy elastic jewelry crafting cord! Four sizes available: 0.5mm/0.019 in, 0.7mm/0.028 in, 1mm/0.039in, 1.5mm/0.059 One color available: Clear Stretch Magic Cord is strong, highly stretchable elastic cord is great for jewelry making and beaded craft projects. The secret is a high-tech polymer that will not crack or harden over time. It is easy to work with and knot and comfortable to wear. The non-fraying ends make beading effortless. Tying knot instructions provided on the back of packing. Use crimping beads or an overhand knot to close. Non-toxic and perfect for kid craft projects. Made in the USA!
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