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Plastic Lanyard Gimp Craft Lace String

Plastic Craft Lace Gimp Lanyard String is an extruded flat PVC vinyl plastic cord made for craft and hobby applications. You can use this plastic lace to make key-chains, lanyard necklaces, gimp bracelets, key fobs, lanyards, earrings, zipper pulls, jewelry, and much more. If you need gimp string and lanyard string books and kits we have you covered too! We carry over 60 colors and have cheap bulk wholesale pricing. We are your one stop shop for all your lanyard & gimp string crafts. Plastic Lacing has 100 yards (91 meters) per roll. Britelace has 50 Yards per roll. proudly made in the USA. When used as a knotting cord, 1 foot of Rexlace = about 1 inch of stitches/knots. Plastic Lace measures: 3/32" (.092" or 2.3mm) wide and 1/32" (.035" or 0.88mm) thick. Vibrant Colors. Non-Bleed, Very Durable. You can call it: lanyard string, craft lace, plastic lace, plastic lacing, rexlace, plastic lanyard, plastic lace craft, plastic lacing cord, or britelace. Made for ages 5+. This item is latex free and Non-toxic.