38mm Maple Round Wooden Macrame Beads 12mm Hole 2 Pieces

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38 mm (1.5"or 1 1/2") Round wooden beads includes 2 beads.

Wood Color: Maple

Thehole size of the bead is 12 mm (.47" or 15/32").

Wooden beadsare stained or painted and then a clear coat is applied to give it a polishedfinish.

This bead is suitable for large macraméprojects including plant hangers, purses, home décor and wallhangings. This bead pairswell with the Braided MacrameCord. It can string:

- 2-4 strands of 6mm cord or thinner

- 5-6 strandsof 4mm cord or thinner

*Colors might slightly varry from batch to batch.

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