2.2 Pound White Das Modeling Clay Air Dry 387500

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Das modeling clay 2.2 lb block white. Das clay is an excellent modeling clay for art projects. Great art starts with great products. Louis Prang developed child-safe art products that uphold the highest standards of quality in materials and color. These standards are maintained today in a comprehensive line of Prang art products for both children and professionals. Das air dry clay hardens in 24 hours and then is usable with any type of decorating medium. It is super pliable yet allows you to produce a permanent work of art, and does not require oven baking , but provides ample open time to complete projects before hardening. Try our Prang Art Markers, Brush Pens, Watercolors or even our tempera paints and create a one of a kind masterpiece! Be bold, color your world, and discover Prang power. Some call it Das air drying clay. Dermatologically tested no it will not cause skin irritation with most. Non Toxic.

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